Thom Parts production

Sheet Metal Processing from a Single Source

Sheet metal is a pre­ci­se, light and strong mate­ri­al – if it is pro­ces­sed pro­per­ly! Wea­ther wel­ding, fol­ding, cut­ting or gal­va­ni­zing, Our long‐standing and expe­ri­en­ced staff in the pro­duc­tion of parts ensu­res supe­ri­or manu­fac­tu­ring qua­li­ty and help you to save costs for sub­se­quent pro­ces­sing.


Thom parts pro­duc­tion works reli­ab­ly with your pro­duc­tion or takes it com­ple­te­ly away from you.

Punc­tu­al, pre­ci­se, effi­ci­ent.


What You Can Expect from Thom Sheet Metal Processing:

  • Pro­duc­tion with the hig­hest degree of punc­tua­li­ty at a fair pri­ces
  • Fol­ding ins­tead of wel­ding: One‐piece struc­tures, intel­li­gent­ly fold­ed ins­tead of wel­ded tog­e­ther, for hig­her sta­bi­li­ty and effi­ci­ent pro­duc­tion
  • Laser cut­ting made to mea­su­re – with short pro­ces­sing times.
    • Max. sheet metal thic­k­ness:
      Struc­tu­ral steel = 20 mm
      Stain­less steel = 15 mm
      Alu­mi­num = 10 mm
    • Max. sheet size:
      3,000 mm x 1,500 mm to = 15 mm
      2,500 mm x 1,250 mm at = 20 mm
  • Parts pro­duc­tion accord­ing to drawing – even for com­plex assem­blies
  • Sur­face Tre­at­ment
    • Struc­tu­ral steel: pri­ming, pain­ting, brow­ning, pow­der coa­ting, nickel coa­ting, chro­m­ing
    • Stain­less steel: blas­ting, brushing, grin­ding, poli­shing
    • Alu­mi­num: ano­di­zing
  • Qua­li­ty pro­duc­tion inclu­ding sin­gle order deli­very: Your parts are mar­ked and com­mis­sio­ned. You recei­ve exac­t­ly mar­ked sup­ply parts, which are clear­ly mar­ked for your assem­bly.