Data Privacy Policy

Our web­site may be used without ente­ring per­so­nal infor­ma­ti­on. Different rules may app­ly to cer­tain ser­vices on our site, howe­ver, and are explai­ned sepa­ra­te­ly below. We collect per­so­nal infor­ma­ti­on from you (e.g. name, address, email address, tele­pho­ne num­ber, etc.) in accor­dan­ce with the pro­vi­si­ons of German data pro­tec­tion sta­tu­tes. Information is con­side­red per­so­nal if it can be asso­cia­ted exclu­si­ve­ly to a spe­ci­fic natu­ral per­son. The legal frame­work for data pro­tec­tion may be found in the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The pro­vi­si­ons below ser­ve to pro­vi­de infor­ma­ti­on as to the man­ner, extent and pur­po­se for collec­ting, using and pro­ces­sing per­so­nal infor­ma­ti­on by the pro­vi­der.

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Please be awa­re that data trans­fer via the inter­net is sub­ject to secu­ri­ty risks and, the­re­fo­re, com­ple­te pro­tec­tion again­st third-party access to trans­fer­red data can­not be ensu­red.


Our web­site makes use of so-called coo­kies in order to reco­gni­ze repeat use of our web­site by the same user/internet con­nec­tion sub­scri­ber. Cookies are small text files that your inter­net brow­ser down­loads and stores on your com­pu­ter. They are used to impro­ve our web­site and ser­vices. In most cases the­se are so-called ses­si­on coo­kies” that are dele­ted once you lea­ve our web­site.

To an extent, howe­ver, the­se coo­kies also pass along infor­ma­ti­on used to auto­ma­ti­cal­ly reco­gni­ze you. Recognition occurs through an IP address saved to the coo­kies. The infor­ma­ti­on the­r­e­by obtai­ned is used to impro­ve our ser­vices and to expe­di­te your access to the web­site.

You can prevent coo­kies from being instal­led by adjus­ting the set­tings on your brow­ser soft­ware accord­ingly. You should be awa­re, howe­ver, that by doing so you may not be able to make full use of all the func­tions of our web­site.

Contacting Us

On our web­site we offer you the oppor­tu­ni­ty to con­tact us, eit­her by email and/or by using a con­tact form. In such event, infor­ma­ti­on pro­vi­ded by the user is stored for the pur­po­se of faci­li­ta­ting com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons with the user. No data is trans­fer­red to third par­ties. Nor is any of this infor­ma­ti­on matched to any infor­ma­ti­on that may be collec­ted by other com­po­n­ents of our web­site.

Use of Google Maps

We use the Google Maps” com­po­nent of Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 USA, her­einaf­ter Google.”

Google sets a coo­kie in order to pro­cess the user con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on and data when the page with the inte­gra­ted Google Maps” com­po­nent is dis­play­ed. As a gene­ral rule, this coo­kie is not dele­ted by clo­sing the brow­ser, but rather expi­res after a cer­tain time, as long as it is not pre­vious­ly manu­al­ly dele­ted by you.

If you do not agree with this pro­ces­sing of your data, you may choo­se to deac­tiva­te the Google Maps” ser­vice and the­r­e­by prevent the trans­fer of data to Google. To do this, you must deac­tiva­te the Java Script func­tion in your brow­ser. However, we would like to point out that in this case you will not be able to use Google Maps” or at least only to a limi­ted extent.

The use of Google Maps” and the infor­ma­ti­on obtai­ned through Google Maps” is accord­ing to Google’s Terms of Use

as well as the addi­tio­nal Terms and Conditions for Google Maps”

Publication of vacancy announcements / job applications

We elec­tro­ni­cal­ly collect and pro­cess your app­li­ca­ti­on data for the pur­po­se of com­ple­ting the app­li­ca­ti­on pro­cess. If your app­li­ca­ti­on results in the con­clu­si­on of an employ­ment con­tract, the data collec­ted from you may be stored in your per­son­nel file for pur­po­ses of nor­mal orga­niza­t­io­nal and admi­nis­tra­ti­ve pro­ces­ses in com­p­li­an­ce with appro­pria­te legal requi­re­ments.

Upon rejec­tion of your app­li­ca­ti­on, data you have pro­vi­ded is auto­ma­ti­cal­ly dele­ted two months after noti­fi­ca­ti­on of rejec­tion. This does not app­ly in such instan­ces whe­re, due to legal requi­re­ments (such as the bur­den of pro­of obli­ga­ti­on sti­pu­la­ted in the Equal Treatment Act) a lon­ger sto­r­a­ge peri­od is neces­si­ta­ted or when you express­ly agreed to have your data stored for a lon­ger peri­od in our data­ba­se of pro­s­pec­tive app­li­cants.


On the basis of the Federal Data Protection Act, you may con­tact us at no cost if you have ques­ti­ons rela­ting to the collec­tion, pro­ces­sing or use of your per­so­nal infor­ma­ti­on, if you wish to request the cor­rec­tion, blo­cking or dele­ti­on of the same, or if you wish to can­cel expli­cit­ly gran­ted con­s­ent. Please note that you have the right to have incor­rect data cor­rec­ted or to have per­so­nal data dele­ted, whe­re such claim is not bar­red by any legal obli­ga­ti­on to retain this data.

Data Privacy Policy Statement pro­vi­ded by the Law Offices of Weiß & Partner

If you have ques­ti­ons about this that could not be ans­we­red by this pri­va­cy poli­cy, you can always con­tact our data pro­tec­tion offi­cer at the fol­lo­wing con­tact details:
c/o Thom Metall- und Maschinenbau GmbH
Justus-von-Liebig-Str. 2
D-27283 Verden
Phone: +49 4231 9646 66